How to Delete Your Account?

We’re sorry to see you go! If you’ve decided that you no longer want to use our services, you can delete your account directly through our mobile app. Please follow the steps below to proceed with the deletion of your account:

1. Open the App

Start by opening our app on your device. If you do not have the app installed, you can download it from the App Store or Google Play Store.

2. Sign In

Use your account credentials to sign in. If you’ve forgotten your password, please use the “Forgot Password” feature to reset it.

3. Navigate to Settings

Once signed in, tap on the menu (☰) icon to open the app’s navigation options. Look for the “Settings” option and tap on it.

4. Delete Account

In the settings menu, scroll down to find the “Delete Account” option. This option may be under a section titled “Account” or “Privacy.”